SafeDog 8.0

Dog care for the digital age


  • Lots of examples to show how program works
  • Good range of record categories


  • Uncomfortable interface
  • Cannot modify
  • Lack of configuration options

Not bad

Are you a dog person or a cat person? If you're in the first camp, you might want some software to streamline your dog management, especially if you own multiple dogs for breeding or kennels.

SafeDog is a program designed especially for this, although it could just as easily be used by someone with just one or two dogs that wants to pay special attention to their care.

Before we go any further, there's one important point to note about SafeDog. The trial version does not let you modify the program at all, being purely for demonstration purposes.

Now that that's out of the way, we can take a closer look. The interface is not bad, per se, but uncomfortable to use. The various SafeDog features are accessed via tabs in the top of the window, and details can be entered and changed (in the paid version) by clicking on the fields and typing.

SafeDog really does cover just about all aspects of dog care. Medical history, breeding information, training, behavioral traits and even a family tree are all included.

There's even a template for you to fill in and hang in your home in case of natural disaster, so the emergency personnel will know what animals to look for when they arrive.

The program also has an auto-backup function, but that's pretty much as far as the SafeDog configuration options go.

Very strict trial limitations means that SafeDog is only good for a browse.




SafeDog 8.0

User reviews about SafeDog

  • by Anonymous

    Good concept but a poor product functioning interface that does not work..
    Does not work properly day and month ...   More